Tricia Monaghan Coaching, Certified Performance Protocol Coach 

The Practice of Personal Development 

Living in the solution not the problem.

Empower yourself with the belief that the strength to overcome challenges and achieve greatness is within you. Your resilience, determination, and unique talents are the keys to unlocking success. Trust in your abilities and let your inner light guide you towards your goals. I believe in you!

Coaching Options

For Business, Professional, Individuals and Organizations

Group Workshop 3 hours

Explore the intersection of success through our course on Goals, Habits, and Mindset. Learn to set and achieve meaningful goals, cultivate positive habits, and develop a resilient mindset for sustained success. Gain practical strategies to overcome obstacles, enhance productivity, and foster a growth-oriented mentality. Elevate your personal and professional life by mastering the essential elements of goal setting, habit formation, and cultivating a success-driven mindset.

Group Workshop Series

Join our coaching group workshop series to enhance your personal and professional growth. Explore effective communication, goal setting, and leadership skills in a supportive environment. Develop self-awareness and build a strong foundation for achieving your aspirations. Interactive sessions and expert guidance make this series a transformative journey towards success.

1:1 Private Coaching 

Experience personalized growth with our 1:1 private coaching sessions. Tailored to your unique needs, these sessions provide dedicated time for self-discovery, goal setting and skill development. I will guide you through challenges, helping you unlock your full potential. Invest in yourself and achieve meaningful results with focused attention.


Enrich your event or podcast by hiring a guest speaker who brings expertise, inspiration and a fresh perspective to empower your event. 

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